2020 Winter Waistline Challenge

2020 Winter Waistline Challenge

Are you needing a little extra push to help keep you on track? Something that motivates you to eat thru the holidays mindfully but still enjoy the festivities.


We have JUST The thing for you! Join our Winter Waistline challenge…its fun and will help keep you on track. There’s a $20 buy in.

  • If you stay the same or lose you get ½ back!
  • If you gain, you donate to the pot. 
  • Then you take an initial weight and waist measure…


Biggest winner gets what’s in the pot! WIN WIN! Last year we had winners received over $200!

The upcoming weeks are some of the most important of the ENTIRE YEAR!!! Staying healthy through the holidays can be quite the challenge. Good thing you’re so tough… BRING IT ON SANTA! Keep the stress down by making these daily rituals NON-NEGOTIABLE! Try to keep your life as routine as possible for the next five weeks. CUT DOWN ON THE DECISION MAKING. When your alarm goes off, GET UP! Set a night alarm --THEN brush teeth & go to bed.

Every Sunday is shopping/food prep day. Get the family involved!

PREPARE FOR THE HOLIDAYS BY… Keeping the stress to a minimum. Making healthy holiday meals or bringing the “healthy dish” to your holiday parties. Eating healthy and exercising everyday throughout the holiday season EXERCISE EVERYDAY 

Come to Kaia! OR if you do miss a Kaia workout, go for a 40 min jog/walk next five weeks. These HoliDAYS are going to be a BREEZE!!! Winter Waistline Challenge will help keep you on track lets go into 2021 feeling STRONG, HEALTHY and rejuvenated instead of bloated, tired and ready to detox.


Coach Melika

Owner of Kaia FIT Woodland

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